Office Cleaning Request

Use below form for Home cleaning.  If you would like to schedule your Office to be cleaned, click here

Normal cleaning appointments run from 8:30am until 6pm Monday-Friday.  Although other schedule times appear on our scheduling system, we will confirm all (normal and outside of normal business hours) appointments by phone.  Should you have any questions on scheduling, please give us a call at 765-208-8703.

After submission of the below details we will contact you by telephone for confirmation. You do not need to submit payment information at the time of the booking.

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What have our customers said?

Review by Pixie G. in Muncie, IN
Project: Interior House Cleaning
Comments:  Very personable and trustworthy. After I left him with a key to my old home he continued to work for 4 more hrs. Then he stopped by my new home. He went thru my pack-rat late husband's papers (that I would have thrown away due to exhaustion) & found over $700 in cash tucked in with the papers. 
Review by Don D. in Anderson, IN
Project: Interior House Cleaning
Comments:  It all went smoothly, no problems.
Review by Becky P. in Hartford City, IN
Project: Interior House Cleaning
Comments: Completely satisfied with this cleaning service.  Highly recommend to anyone needing their services  
Review by Anjolii D. in Muncie, IN
Project: Interior House Cleaning
Comments:  We hired them for biweekly residential cleaning and have been pleased by their attention to detail, punctuality, and courteousness.
Give us a call today and become of our next satisfied customers!  If you'd like to submit on-line feedback to us about your cleaning experience, simply use our contact-us form and send in your comments.